10 Hilariously Honest Prayers for Family That Will Make You LOL

Lighten the mood with these relatable prayers that perfectly capture the ups and downs of family life.

Prayer for Surviving Dinner Time

Dear Lord,
Why is it so hard to get everyone to eat the same meal? Bless this house with patience, especially when someone declares that broccoli is foul. Give me strength not to take it personally. And please, help us survive another round of “what’s for dinner?” Amen.

Prayer for Lost Socks

Heavenly Father,
Why is it that they go into the washer as pairs but come out alone? Guide me through this quest for the missing socks. Grant me the wisdom to buy the same brand in bulk, knowing they’ll probably disappear again. Amen.

Prayer for Clean Bathrooms

Dear God,
You see my struggle. Every time I clean the bathroom, it’s like a tornado follows right behind me. Help me say nice things when someone forgets to flush or leaves toothpaste all over the sink. Just give me clean surfaces for one whole day. Amen.

Prayer for Kid’s Homework

Oh Lord,
Grant me understanding, even when I don’t understand new math. Give my child the patience to explain it to me without rolling their eyes. And most importantly, help us finish this homework marathon without tears—preferably mine. Amen.

Prayer for Early Mornings

Dear God,
Why is waking up early so hard? Let our morning battles—getting out of bed, finding socks, and eating breakfast—be less of a wrestling match. Replace the groans with smiles and grant us an on-time exit. Amen.

Prayer for Laundry Overload

Laundry never ends. Every time I think I’m caught up, the hamper overflows again. Help me stay on top of this never-ending cycle. Give me the strength to fold, sort, and match socks with a joyful heart. And maybe help the family to help more? Amen.

Prayer for Grocery Shopping

Dear Lord,
Going to the grocery store feels like a battle of wills—mine against the snack aisle. Help me stick to the list, avoid the tantrums in the candy section, and maybe find some good deals on necessities, like sanity. Amen.

Prayer for Family Car Rides

Heavenly Father,
Every family car ride feels like a journey through a crowded jungle. Bless our car rides with peace, fewer arguments, and less complaining about who touched who. Help us arrive at our destination safely and with our sanity intact. Amen.

Prayer for Bedtime Routine

Dear God,
Bless this bedtime routine with the gift of cooperation. Let the kids find their pajamas, brush their teeth, and settle into bed without forsaking us through endless “one more story” requests. Grant us restful nights and recharged mornings. Amen.

Prayer for Family Harmony

Oh Lord,
Help us get along, even when the youngest is driving everyone crazy. Spill your love over our home, so we can be more patient, more understanding, and keep the eye-rolls to a minimum. Keep laughter full and love stronger than sibling rivalry. Amen.

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