Manuscript Submissions

Do You Have a Spiritually Uplifting Book Idea?

If you have a book concept that aligns with the Christian faith and values, we at Verses and Prayers are eager to hear from you. Our mission is to publish content that nourishes the soul, enlightens the mind, and strengthens the faith of our readers.

Initial Contact:

Please start by sending us an email with a brief description of your idea. If your concept aligns with our publishing vision and guidelines, we will invite you to submit a detailed proposal.

Please Note:

What We Look For:

We are interested in manuscripts that:

  • Engage and challenge the Christian faith.
  • Offer insights into Christian living, personal development, and spiritual growth.
  • Explore the application of Christian values in modern life.
  • Provide thoughtful and inspiring content for families and individuals.

What We Do Not Publish:

  • End-times or prophecy-focused content.
  • Collected sermons.
  • Contemporary/popular biographies.
  • Exposés of well-known Christians.
  • Personal-experience narratives.
  • Poetry.
  • Art books.
  • Fiction.

Response to Queries:

We will respond if we are interested in requesting a full proposal. If you haven’t heard from us within six weeks, please assume we will not be proceeding with your idea. We kindly request no follow-up inquiries.

If Invited for a Full Proposal:

A comprehensive proposal should include:

  • A concise summary of your book (one paragraph).
  • The purpose and need for your book.
  • The target audience.
  • A table of contents and chapter summaries.
  • One or two sample chapters.
  • An estimated word count and completion timeline.
  • Analysis of competing titles and how your book differs.
  • Your resume or biography.

Manuscript Submissions:

Manuscripts should only be sent if requested. If invited, please send to the address provided in our correspondence.

Review Process:

Allow us two to three months to review your proposal. All follow-ups should be via email; we kindly ask that you refrain from phone inquiries.

Thank You:

We appreciate your interest in contributing to the spiritual and inspirational content at Verses and Prayers. Your passion for sharing faith and wisdom is invaluable to our community.